Table of Content


Herit tehnology is based mostly on biochemical processes rather than chemical ones. A lot of their building materials are grown from plants and fungi, or harvested from animals. These speicies each have been genetically engineered for the production of it's respective material. Quinns is one of the worlds leaders in bioengineering, on the forefront of innovation on unique renewable materials.

BioElectronics are much more organic, favoring flowing curves over straight edges.
Displays function with a specialised bioluminescent bacteria. Portable screen can only display a limited amount of colors, similar to LCD screens, while larger screens (CRT) can display more colors.

Phone and Computers

Some of the main phone companies go as follow
Kitin phones are basic, straight forward mobiles made for durability.
Lychee phones are more stout, all sporting a full keyboard to type on.
Saccharia phones are expensive, touch-screen phones.
Ventil phones are built with the specific intent of underwater use
Tiblip offer a variety of flip phone variants, with often outlandish colors and ways to unfold.

Web and Socials

Webboard is a highly customizable, myspace-like platform.
Didex is a social media mixing of tumblr (reblog/tagging) and facebook (like/comment/friend/pages).
Chatit is a flexible forum platform, slightly similar to our Reddit.
Chrycoon is a shitty ass social media, akin to our Twitter.
Ember is a meeting platform aimed for dating