Quinn Map

Name Quinns
Country Amerigo Alces (formerly Canada)
Government the Council
Table of Content


Upper Quinns


The refined downtown, it's full or high rises and important building. You'll find here the HQ of big companies, large offices... Home to the House of Council, where all governemental decisions are held.
House of the Council
Home of the Horsemen


The upbeat touristic district, streets full of shops, attractions and cultural milestones. You'll find here hotels, attractions, museums, librairies, themed neighborhoods such as the Pride Village and the cité des Arts
Cité des Arts Locations
Cosmic Culture Center
Cirque de la Lune


The peaceful natural reserve covers a good chunk of upper Quinns. With a significant mountain full of hiking trails, you'll find here a grandiose outdoor amphitheatre, a well populated boardwalk and lots and lots of trees.
Mount Richard
Lake Marquise
Haunted House


The reputable residential district of Upper Quinns, you'll find here a plethora of appartments and condos. With some relatively affordable residences for college student up north, high class high rise condos east, and more standard housing in the south.
??? High School
??? Little School

Lower Quinns


The fairly dense and most affordable residential district, you'll find here a couple of townhouses, but mostly duplexes/triplexes. Most buildings are like, 2-3 floors high.
??? High School
??? Little School


Frankly the most diverse district of all of Quinns, it is intended as a more commercial venue. It's got many locally owned shops, and a rather prolific farmer's market.
Glory's library


The most defunct district, infamous for being the downtown area way back when, but having since fallen into disrepair. With cheap housing gathering a population more posh herits may find undesirable. Despite it's overall poor reputation, among it's gaffitied walls lives a rather well knit community, centered around the Coop, a refurbished shopping mall.
More locations
Snip's Clinic


A quiet district, filled with office towers and burocracy, as well as some appartment complexes. You'll also find here a big section of large, international department stores, lining the demesnic district
theres none!


The dense industrial district. You'll find here many factories and warehouses, as well as the most prolific port of all of Quinns. Lots of cargo passes through here.
Talpineur Brewery



The most desirable residential district. You'll find here extensive townhouses with large yards and solid construction, nice parks, the best schools.
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Blossom High School
Spout Little School

Las Ludus

The district of indulgence and debauchery, a high energy and luxurious area for all to party. You'll find here plenty of bars and clubs, resorts.
Bellhop casino