The Coop

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District Effectic
Type Mall (front)
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The Coop

The coop looks like mall with just some weird shops. It was legally bought by Mox years ago. They file their taxes and do everything in order, so that noone comes snooping. Obviously, it's all a front, it's full fiscal crimes, drug trades, sleezy business practices... If you look hard enough, you can buy anything really. Mox'll find it for you. For a price


Big Boys

Subsediaries to established brands that operate in the Coop. their respective managers have pledged loyalty to the Flock.

the most prolific fast food restaurant in Quinns. It's near the main entrance.
is a generals goods stores that sells a lot, for cheap.
[K3] Mini Bellhop
A subsediary of the Bellhop Casino, it's a small, casual betting and chance games location. Managed by Apple.


Non-shop establishments within the coop, used for managerial purposes

The Warehouse
is closed to the public. It stores massive inventory for all of the coop.
The Offices
Located hidden withing the side corridors of the mall, it is where the "back end" employees of the coop work. Thats also the way down to the Burrow.


Little shops around the mall
[A1] Cineplus
With only two rooms, rarely if ever shows the latest flick, presenting instead a seemingly random assortment of movies. They're affiliated with the arcade next door, you can win movie tickets from there sometimes! Their popcorn is really good
[A2] The Arcade
Stocked with way more arcade games than you would expect to see in a simple mall arcade, the high energy and neon space decorated arcade is a great spot to hang out. Affiliated with the ⁠CinePlus Movie Theater
Gumii, Glass and Ebbie are employees there.
[K4] The Lounge
Kitty's bar with all the permits to operate. Kind of a hotspot.
Aysse also works there as a bartender
[F5] IDPS (Independant Drugs and Pharmaceutical Society)
A professional, regulated and certified society producing and distributing a wide array of drugs and medecines.
[K1] Trinket Temple
Soup's cluttered pawn shop / antiques.
[E3] Frip Threads
Maddi's curated thrift store and custom clothes boutique.
[J7] Tech Check
An indie tech repair shop; the walls are lined with old computers and machines. Its kinda cluttered and it doesnt have overhead lights, just a bunch of novelty lamps and blinking diodes and LEDs from all the machines around the place. It's also a front for hacking services
Buhgz owns the place; specialized in hardware. Click also works there, specialized in software. Shell is an apprentice to Buhgz.
[J5] Crystal Cave
Agnum's esoteric crystal shop
[J2] Protogenic
text by Frogischeese
A shop of potions, miracle cures and more; they're most known for their drugs, but you'll only get any if you know what to ask for. Potted plants hang from the ceiling, whilst the walls are covered with shelves - viles and powders spread around, with who knows what contained inside them.
Almost always you'll find Meiia, the owner, standing behind the counter, smoking, either helping Bonni with her schoolwork, or spending some time reading. Bonni is Meiia’s apprentice, young and still in school, but eager to impress.
The shop is also supplied by Morte, an advisor to the council; however this is not something that most people would know.
[D7] Apoticary
Sumac's Natural remedies shop. Front for drugs and poisons.
[G6] Nanny's Treats
Nanny's bakery and sweets shop. Has the best donuts you'll ever eat.


The Flock

Members that are part of the flock are considered family. They have pledged loyalty to the coop and it's ideals, and will work to further it's goals. Becoming part of the flock is a serious, irrevocable decision; but to everyone who's part, is worth.


The Authority is in charge of the fate of the coop. Takes decisions, manages operations, the whole shbang.
Marchals, classing as both Authority and Guardians, are personal guard to the administration, and have overarching power over security.

Moxie is the big boss; reigning strictly but sweetly. She takes decisions.
Chord is the steward; trusted second in command. She deals with paperwork.
Break is the advisor; her sassy guard ram. She deals with keeping people in their place.


Guardians are in charge of protecting and insuring the safety of the coop and the flock.
Capitains are the highest standard rank; they're who every other guardian report to, and who handle most affairs.
Sergents are the middle rank; responsible for specific sectors and in charge of a team of officers.
Officers are the basic rank; they're your standard enforcer.
Recruits are the lowest rank; not even properly affiliated to the Flock, they're on a sort of probation period

Laina is an Officer.


Individuals running fronts within the coop itself. They are devoted to the Coop's cause and are a part of the Flock.

Buhgz owns Tech Check. Click works there.
Agnum manages a crystal and esoteric shop.
Meiia manages Protogenic
Sumac manages the Apoticary
Swoup manages the Trinket Temple
Gummi, Glass work at the Cineplus Arcade


Cohorts are external entities which has pledged their full loyalty to the Coop. Tasked to take care of their own operations, benefiting from the Coop's support in exchange or theirs.

Vinny & Vitus manage the Bellround Casino. They are very close to the Authority.
Wayve manages a transit company. He's the main carrier for the Coop's needs.
Snips manages her own private clinic. She sees the flock as her family.



Associates are external entities which collaborates with the Coop for business, without joining the Flock

Morte develop drugs and pathogens for Protogenic


Footmen are people who work for the Coop, without necessarily having strong ties with it. Usually Enforcers, errand runners, distributers...

Chili is an errand runner.