Name Moxie
Pronouns she/her
Company the Coop
Role Overseer


Moxie is a hot bitch crimelord boss. She is strict, but if you're good shes very nice. Shes affectionate and extremely charismatic but gets really scary if you fuck up. But as long as you stay loyal you have nothing to fear!

Inspirations opposum / storm
Labels transfem / bi
Interests Pool, Clubbing


Graduate at Aeiro Uninversity with a Masters in Business (6yrs) and a Bachelors in Administration & Management (4yrs)


Chord is her steward and sweetheart
Break is her advisor and lap dog
Vinny & Vitus are really good friends


Works and lives at the the Coop in the Effectic district.


Moxie is a business major from Satori University
Back when she was in school, she approached Chord one day bc she was like "oh! a cutie" and she's the kind to play around yknow, and they ended up becoming like a thing cuz they were both like "hey. I think more things should be allowed. lets make a safe way to do that. And make some money about it" and made the Coop together.
Height 6'1 (6'4 with the ears)
Blood type Unique - Metallic indigo, electrically conductive