Name Snips
Pronouns she/any
Company Coop
Role Surgeon


Absolute mad scientist, who will give you any sort of surgery, from cosmetic to gender reasignment, for the low price of just a pint of your blood. Cheerful, stubborn and blunt, shes just a buppy

Inspirations coyote / bug
Labels goregirl / sapphic
Interests Blood, Blades, Biotech


Julia is her blood bestie! Malpractice sisters!!!


Works & lives at her clinic, in the Burrows, somewhere under the Effectic district.


Rumor says, she always has organs on hand. Noone know where they came from, but if you've got a bad heart, she'll get you a new one. She's changed people eyes, too. Some guy lost a foot and she got him a new one that looked just like the one he had. It's odd.
She definitely doesnt steal corpses and hook em up to biomachines to keep the organs alive even tough the person is definitely dead. It'd be ridiculoud to think created a horrific living machine room that eats and breathes and gows organs, that's unrealistic, there's no way :)

Height 3'9 (4' with the horns)
Blood type Red (darker)