Raising Herits


As stated in the Herit life cycle, pre-chrysalis herits are feral, living in the wilderness. It is only once they feel the call that they make their way to a foyer, where they can safely chrysalise before emerging and integrating into society.

Adoption and Family Dynamics

Herit family units tend to be quite large, with polyamory quite widespread. An average herit family unit would be composed of 3 to 4 parental figures, with 2 to 3 children at charge. Parental figures may have romantic, platonic or fraternal bonds, and frankly, there really is no standard for what defines a family, or how many members are in it.

When a child is ready to integrate society, they will be assigned an foster institution which will take care of their needs until they find an adult herit to adopt them. While it is rare for herits to stay in the institution's care for long, the institution will keep supervising the child they finish school, ie. 18 years old.

Herit children are very independant; having made it to chrysalis proves that. However, they still need to be watched over and cared for. While the institution takes care of their basic needs, young herits will usually find a compatible guardian within just a couple months of emergence; moving in with them and becoming in their care. In such cases, the adoption can be officialised by both guardian and protégé meeting with the institution and filing paperwork. The guardian will recieve subventions according to their needs to be able to take care of the child.

Education System

Little School

Usually lasting 3 years (~11-14) young herits learn concrete things like how to read, write, math, societal norms, how to stay healthy, how to take care of yourself, how to take care of others and the environment, how the world works and how to be curious.

High School

Usually lasting 3 more years, (~15-17) where herits learn more abstracts stuff like how to research, how to learn; it's a space to discover what interest you and discover what you want to do and who you want to be.


This stage lasts however long it takes. There's short formations that only last six months, theres programs that lasts 2-5 years, theres majors that last 10. It's a specialized education establishment. Learn more about university specific edication on the Aeiro University page.