Aeiro University

District Odycean
Type Educational Institution

Appropriately named after it’s founder, Sir Aeiro Toutsavoir, Aeiro University is one of the most prestigious and diverse schools of Amerigo Alces. With three adjacent campuses each fostering their own specialization, it offers a total of over 300 study programs.

Established in Quinns, world-leading capital of biotechnology, Aeiro University is at the forefront of biotechnological development, inspiring innovation and shaping the world of tomorrow.

Our campus features the most technical and secure pavilion, hosting over 100 laboratories equipped with the latest scientific instruments to study and research everything our world has to offer.

Our five floor library is open to students and visitors alike to peruse our extensive catalogue of articles & publications, along our research terminals and study rooms, and weekly cultural events

We offer a wide variety of athletic accomodation in our sport center, such as our competitive swimming & diving pool, running track, sport courts, workout gymnasiums and the clubs that come along with it.

Aeiro is proud to foster a strong artistic community, with it’s very own concert hall, rehearsal rooms, numerous specialized art studios for every facet of the creative path, from music to sculpture to theater.


It is important to note that while study fields have been divided, there is actually a lot of overlap between certain fields of study. Aeiro University prides itself in offering a well rounded wealth of knowledge for it's students.

Physical Sciences

Physical Science oversees subjects considered more technical. The two main branches are:
Engineering, which include: Computer eng. Electrical eng. Mechanical eng...
Applied sciences, which include: Physics, Chemestry, Math...

Organic Sciences

Organic Science oversees subjects that are related to living beings and their well being. The two main branches are:
Heritical sciences, which include: Healthcare, Nursing, Psychology...
Environmental sciences, which include: Biology, Zoology, Paleontology, Agriculture...

Social Sciences

Organic Science oversees subjects that are related to interactions. The two main branches are:
Media sciences, which include: Art, Design, Music, Film...
Social sciences, which include: Education, Communication, Journalism, History, Language...

Civic Sciences

Civic Science oversees subjects that are related to the system. The two main branches are:
Business sciences, which include: Administration, Accounting, Marketing...
Political sciences, which include: Law, Criminal Justice, Economics...