OC by LavenderHoodie


Name Ambit
Pronouns he/him
Company the Council
Role Clerk


Is under the impression that he is heterosexual (this is not true) and cisgender (this is true). Hangs out w/ sunny while it tries to build flying stuff and doesn't actually help but just vibes.

Inspirations deer/mole
Labels Cis guy


Sunny is their friend.


Works at the Council in the Satorical district.


[written byLavenderHoodie]

Ambit does not care about the council but just happens to be really good at solving diplomatic disputes so he gets bullied into it anyway

Officially he's a clerk, intermediary between layherits and the government, but also gets involved in the council's arguments half the time also they make him do menial shit. The only reason he's still on the job is because he's the only person who is a) sane and b) able to understand most councillors' motivations.And the council would get nothing done if they got hung up over an argument for a month every month so he had to figure shit out